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This wiki shows the results of a parlor game much like Consequences or The Exquisite Corpse , in which each person has three minutes to write part of a story, ending with a transition. You can use your own lists of transitions, or you can use a prepared list, like the one given here:

I wrote the first part of the story, but my students wrote the other bits. We did this in one class period. I wrote the prompt on the board and split the class into groups of four or five. Each student wrote the next bit of story on a piece of paper, which we passed from person to person in a circle around the group until four different people had written on each piece of paper. Then we read aloud one story from each group.

In Consequences and The Exquisite Corpse, you fold the paper over so only the transition (or transitional part of the drawing) shows when you pass it to the next player. But in our class, we left the paper unfolded, so everyone could see what the others had written before them.

The students told me that, through this game, they found out that transitions are not just filler; each transition pushes the story in a different direction. When students use different transitions to start each bit of story, you end up with very different stories when the groups are all done.

  • If you start with a silly prompt, you are more likely to get funny stories to read aloud.

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